"There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.”
Ansel Adams

 Eric Greaves, the founder of My Third Eye Media, created this company 

with only one belief, a belief that one photograph can share a lifetime of memories.


With a combination of 16 years of experience in TV Broadcasting as a Photojournalist and as a Published Still Photographer Eric's is deeply rooted in his passion.  Eric recalls those who inspired him, such as Levar Burton (TV Personality), Gordon Parks, The First Afro-American male to shoot for "Time" Magazine and also the primary photographer for "Ebony" and "Jet" Magazines), Anne Leibovitz (First Female and world-famous photographer for "Rolling Stone" and "Time" Magazines) and Walter Looss(the photographer who captured an unforgettable and now iconic shot of Micheal Jordan in the 1987 dunk contest? Which is now the Nike Logo).  After serving in the Army during The Gulf  War, Eric returned home to pursue his passion in Photography. Eric views every photograph as history or a defining and proud moment in someones life. He has a great respect for visual arts and those who attempt to master this particular craft. Eric has a strong passion for Sports Photograghy just becauseof the raw beauty of it. Eric also loves shooting

(LiveCorporate/Social/Charitable Events, Concerts, Lifestyle Portraits, Headshots,  Architecture and Real Estate). Eric is willing to travel to help you share your memories one frame at time.